Aleah’s Favorite Things

Since Moe posted her favorite things yesterday, it’s my turn today.

Food – I’m with Moe here. Choosing one favorite food is HARD. I love to eat. However, if I had to pick one favorite food I would say it is probably potatoes. You can do so many things with potatoes – mashed, fried, baked, french… the list goes on and on.

Kitchen products – My cast iron skillet!! I cannot live without this thing. I seriously love it! It doesn’t even have a home in my cabinet, because it gets used so often that it sits on my stove permanently. I do not have another skillet. I have one cast iron skillet and I use it for everything!!

Kid’s Product – Divided Kid Trays. I love these, because it makes dinner so much easier for my “foods can’t touch” kids. Each food has it’s own spot. It is nice for juicy foods too, because then the juices don’t run into all the other gunk. LOVE my divided trays.

Dessert – Carrot Cake. My sister-in-law makes the most AMAZING carrot cake. I’m serious, guys. This cake is TO DIE FOR!! It is so rich that I can only eat a small slice at a time, but OMG is it good! Along with this I really enjoy chocolate dipped pretzels.

Guilty Pleasure – McDonald’s. LOVE it. I’m not kidding I will make myself sick on McDonalds. Fries. Nuggets. Hamburgers. MMMMMMM……

Book – My favorite book of all time is A Wrinkle In Time. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this book. This book for me encompasses fiction, and imagination. I am excited to read the Divergent series. I haven’t yet, because I have a whole list on my Kindle to read first, but I will read it.

Movie – Favorite movies are hard for me. My top fav movies of all time are Cry Baby, Dirty Dancing, and Newsies. My favorite movie this year is a tie between The Great Gatsby, Thor, and The Heat. I LOVE Leonardo DiCaprio – that man seriously deserves an award. I love anything with Jason Statham. I am a HUGE Tom Cruise fan. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE James Franco. I like movies that make me cry, movies that move me to new emotional heights, and movies that are action packed. I do not like scary movies with things that pop out or jump out. I will however watch a horror film with guts, gore, and blood.



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