Not a recipe, but a memory…

I was going to try a cream cheese/chocolate-minty-ish recipe today, but weather is making the roads treacherous, so a trip to Walmart for ingredients is out. Instead, I thought I would tell you a little about Christmas past. My mother was like the Mrs. Claus of Christmas.  Just after Thanksgiving, box after box of decorations would come out. Our Christmas tree was not pre-lit, so decorating was a grand affair. Lights were checked and strung. Christmas music would surround us while we decked and sang and handed lights around to each other, as we wove them onto the tree. The biggest decision would be tinsle or garland; silver or gold. It was always fun. My mother embodied joy. In fact, I was almost named “Joy” because I was originally due on Christmas. “Noel” was a close contender, so I’m relieved that my mom named me Monique when I was born a week late on New Year’s Day. Haha. My mom is the reason I have Christmas spirit. She shared the love and magic that giving could bring with me, and I have carried it ever since.  Now I decorate our tree with my girls. We may have a pre-lit tree and carols played on my smart phone, but the joy surrounds us at Christmas, just like it did so many years ago around a different tree. We love to give gifts and watch our joy spread out.  All those beautiful things my mom shared with me became a legacy to pass to my most treasued, beautiful gifts…my girls. We believe in love and a little magic in our family, even moreso at Christmas when being together means so much more than presents. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all of our lovely readers!!! What is one of your fondest memories of the holidays?  ♡Monique♡


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