Easy Minty Cream Cheese Danishy Dessert

Alright my friends, I’ve created a dessert that’s both easy to make AND is super yummy for all you mint-lovers out there :).

Here’s what you’ll need:

·2 tubes of crescent rolls (there will be 8 rolls in each tube)
·1 (8oz. pkg) of cream cheese
·1/2 cup sugar
·1 cup of mint chocolate chips

Preheat your oven to 350°. Grease a 13×9 inch pan (I just used a little spray oil) While the oven is heating up you can make your cream cheese mix. I like to heat mine in the microwave a little to make it creamier and easier to mix. Usually you can just heat it for 30 secs.  a couple of times and that should do the trick.

Next, I added in the sugar and mixed it up. Before I added the mint choc chips, I unrolled one of my biscuit tubes and spread the sheet of triangles out to line the bottom of the pan.Try to push the triangles together so it’s basically a big rectangle of biscuits.

Then mix in your choc chips into the cream cheese and evenly spread it over the biscuity rectangle.

Next take your second tube and spread it over the top as a biscuity rectangle cover. Don’t worry if it doesnt perfectly come together, just get it together the best you can. Once it’s baked it will look fine. 🙂

Bake it for about 25 min. or until it’s a nice golden brown. Once it’s done baking let it cool for a bit. I usually let it cool until I can touch it and not hiss when my finger makes contact. Not very smart, but it works! 😉 

Once it’s bearable to touch, you can melt some semi-sweet chocolate to drizzle on top. If you add a cap (that’s cap NOT cup) full of oil to the melted chocolate, it will be smoothe and harden just after you drizzle it.

The drizzle is optional but makes it look so pretty. If you want to change it up try white chocolate or milk chocolate or  if you are a mint fanatic use the mint choc chips (you’ll have some leftover after only using a cup for the filling). I absolutely recommend drinking a cup of mint hot chocolate with it! I may love chocolate and mint just a bit ;).

Well, that’s my minty recipe that I whipped up. Amazing what you can make when you’re just too tired to look up a recipe haha. As always, enjoy. Moe♡♥












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