Chasing Franco…


So, I just posted about not setting resolutions for the new year and having all these “hippie” dreams and goals instead. Well, I’m having a fan-girl moment tonight and I decided that I want to set one frivolous goal for the new year.

I want to interview James Franco.

There it is. I’m a fan girl. I think he’s the bee’s knees, and I want to talk to him.

Here’s my logic. I have the personal email of Mark Cuban. I sought him out on my own and secured an interview with him, and have on several occasions emailed with him. I think he’s cool and all, but he’s not Franco. If I can seek out Mark Cuban, I can surely find a way to get an interview with my beloved Franco.

I am going to start today trying to figure out how to interview him. I am going to get in touch with his agency, maybe send a tweet or two, or an instagram or two. I might reach out to other people to help me. Who knows. But, this is my goal. I want to make this happen, and so I will.

There you have it friends. My one silly goal for the new year. So, who wants to help me make it happen and blow up Twitter?

Send a tweet to @JamesFrancoTV asking him to do an interview with @lalahelton and use the hashtag #lalalovesfranco

Help a girl out!! I’m going to be posting here regularly updating you all as to the status of what’s going on with FrancoView2014. 🙂



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