A purpose for everything! :)


So I had one of those little lightbulb moments for today’s Thrifty Thursday post! I was trying to think of something I could share that was simple to do and then, BAM, it hit me! Or maybe I tripped over it haha. Anyway, when we pack up our Christmas stuff, I end up with like 4 plastic containers full of ornaments for my breakable stuff. The rest of the ornaments go into a popcorn tin. You know, the ones that have the trifecta of popcorny goodness in them (minus the white cheddar… bleh). Well one year we washed that baby out and started putting in all the extra ornaments and I’ve used it ever since. We have a new tin this year. I may just go ahead and stick some bows and tags in it. 😉 There you have it friends. An easy solution to packing up some extra Christmas stuff (or the bag of bows, extra ribbon, name tags, and two boxes of lights you got 50% off the day after Christmas…you know you did…(whispers) so did I) that needs a place to fit until next year when we do it all over again. Later gators! -Moe ♥



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