“Warts and all”

Aleah and I had a really long talk about learning to love ourselves. I know for me I get bogged down by titles. Mom, wife, friend, cheerleader…the list seems endless. The saddest part is I do it to myself. I take on all these roles and forget to leave a little room to love myself, while I’m busy loving everyone else. How do I even begin to remember how to do something I haven’t done since I was a child? I’m not sure I properly loved myself even then. Aleah suggested I try and focus on one thing I do well and love myself for it each day. My problem is I’m not sure that I do any one thing exceptionally well…except to love. The only thing I’ve ever been truly good at is loving others. So you would think that loving myself would be easy, like eating chocolate cake is easy…but it’s not. I don’t see all the wonderful things others say they see in me. I see cracks and failure. But maybe I CAN love myself a little bit more each day. Maybe I can change what I see in my reflection. Maybe I just need to wake up in the morning and like Aleah said, just look in the mirror and say: Monique, you know what’s great about you? You love with your whole heart and I love you for that. And maybe, just maybe that can be enough until one day I can finally look in the mirror and say: I love you Monique…”warts and all”.  ♡Moe♡


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