Thug Life?

Aleah and I were trying to decide what to talk about this week on the blog and settled on doing a full Superbowl week. She suggested we do a couple of posts on a few football players…maybe even players who were going to be in the upcoming game next Sunday. I thought that was a great idea.

Now you have to understand, I would not be what one would consider a football fan by anyone’s standards. I don’t have a favorite team that I  loyally follow and I don’t make up fantasy teams either. I don’t paint my face, wear a threadbare old jersey, and if I bet, it usually has something to do with whoever’s name I like the most.  I DO however, watch the Conference championship games to see who will be in the Superbowl.

You’re probably saying what does this have to do with writing about a football player, right? Well, I watched the Seahawks/49ers game. I thought it was a really great game and the last play was crazy.  Sherman, who I learned plays cornerback for the Seattle Seahawks tipped the ball away from a player named Crabtree. (What? I can read the names on the jerseys)

Anyway, he (Sherman) gave a heated post game interview moments after a game-winning play. I laughed at the look on the interviewer’s face when he started to shout loudly about the win. But I was shocked at the hostility on my Facebook feed immediately after the interview. I even learned later that he was called a thug and many, many other derogatory names that I will not give mention to here. Be it racial, team loyalty, or just straight up ignorance, I thought that the backlash was uncalled for.

After talking it over with Aleah today, I decided I wanted to learn a little more about the man behind the player. He was only interviewed for like 30 seconds before they cut to a different shot. There was never any chance for him to say anything else, because he wasn’t afforded the opportunity. While he came off as intense, I would never have called his interview threatening.

I’d like to share three clips that I found on Youtube (I do NOT own Youtube…shame). Credit for the clips goes to Fox news, MOWW Sports, and CNN.

The first clip is what started it all. It’s been called “the rant heard round the world”.

The second clip is footage of the NFC championship post-game press conference.

The third clip is footage of an interview he gave to CNN.

Here are my thoughts on the matter. I saw the end of that game. At the time, I watched this guy with long dreads make an incredible play that helped send his team to the Superbowl. I only knew his name because they kept repeating it over and over and how incredible it was.

I saw the interview initially and thought, phew, somebody’s ready and excited. After watching his post game conference and further interviews that gave me a little insight as to why he was incensed, I saw a man who was intensely proud and not ashamed to call someone else out on their crap. Did he do it eloquently? No. His words were passionate and raw, yet I didn’t hear a single swear word or blatant, ridiculous boast leave his mouth. It was just pure, unbridled confidence and yeah, maybe it was cocky too, but he had every right to feel that way.

I was on the edge of my seat while I was watching, so I can’t even imagine being a part of winning it. Sherman was interviewed just moments after that win. I challenge anyone to shut off that kind of adrenaline and compose themselves to make the perfect response. Not only was he flying high on a victory, but also the animosity of a rival player’s comments. He spoke in the moment and he told the truth, without mincing words.

I can’t understand why he was called a thug. Merriam-Webster defines thug as: a brutal ruffian or assassin. Synonyms include words like: bully, hooligan, gangbanger, and punk. I saw a passionate player who had every right to be proud and vocal about his part in the win. After everything I’ve watched beyond that 30 seconds, I’m even more convinced that this man is the farthest thing possible from a thug.

He is confident, articulate, and a man who loves what he does. How can one moment define him in such a poor light? I have seen so many disgraceful interviews and acceptance speeches over time, that I can’t fathom how his behavior even comes close to some of the idiocy I’ve witnessed; and I’m not even an avid fan. I can only imagine what the die-hards have bore witness to over the years.

When the Patriots lost, I decided to root for the Seahawks. If I hadn’t watched the Seahawks game, I never would have seen the Sherman interview. And if I never saw the interview, I never would have learned about such an amazing player. Thank you football. Go Seahawks! ♡ Moe ♡

What are your thoughts?


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