Let Me Count the Ways – Football Edition

It’s Wednesday and that means it’s time to tally up what we love about all the things in our lives. This week we’re talking Football!! Monique and I decided that we wanted to discuss all the things that make us love watching football. So, here are our lists.

Aleah’s List:

1. Um football pants, hello!!! Who doesn’t like to see the quarterback’s tooshie in those tight little colored pants?!

2. Tony Romo… I’ve been a Dallas fan since the days of Troy Aikman… and by fan I mean “yeah I like them, but I don’t know any of their stats.” That’s a fan, shut up. Anyway, I watch them now because of good ol’ Tony. He’s pretty. Who wouldn’t want to watch him play?!

Um Aleah, the Cowboys aren’t in the Superbowl. Love, Moe

3. Mark Sanchez. Need I say more? So what, he got caught that one time picking a booger on camera… he’s still cute.

Haha! Neither are the Jets!

4. The way Clay Matthews flips his pretty hair. Clay Matthews is a man’s man with the flowing long hair of a goddess. I am not ashamed to say that his hair makes him 100 times hotter in my eyes. When he flips his hair, he’s like the Thor of the football field.

Greenbay Thor is scawwy! Also not in the Superbowl. I’m noticing a trend with the football men you like…they suck 😉

5. The beginning of football season. Why? Because that means it’s really fall.

6. The end of football season. Why? Because that means it’s almost spring.

Moe’s List:

1.Sexy men running around all over the field.

2.Shouting loudly at the TV. Okay, I do that frequently, but it’s usually when I’m playing Mario Kart and get bumped off a cliff.

3. The commercials. Every year there’s always one or two that almost make me pee my pants laughing.

4. This year we’re having wings and waffles (our spin on Chicken and Waffles). Yummy.

5. The end of football season. Enough is enough.

6. The Halftime Show! I admit that most years this is NOT on my list, but this year Bruno Mars will be there, baby! AND the Red Hot Chili Peppers!


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