Superbowl Birthday on a Budget

I have a son that loves Football, and it just so happens that this year his birthday falls on Superbowl weekend. He is stoked, to say the least!

I have set out to figure out how to have a birthday party on a budget for him, and of course it has to be Superbowl themed.

1. Decorations – Monique took care of me this year by posting about where to find football themed decorations on a budget. Click here to see her original post. After reading her post though, I saw some football themed stuff at our local Aldi’s store. 89 cents for 8 plate or 16 napkins. SCORE!


2. Food – Birthday food is usually pretty simple. Cake, drinks, snacks maybe. This year, Biggest Little Helton has opted for a sleepover with his friends, so we have decided to offer wings and pizza as their dinner, followed by a Superbowl themed cake, made by my awesome sister-in-law. (Picture to come soon).  Her cakes are delish, and look amazing!

Check out her other cakes on FB

The pizza and wings will be a special at our local pizza joint, the cake is free (props to family connections).

3. Drinks. We will be serving root beer in bottles, and cans of soda for the boys to enjoy. We can get bottles of soda for around $3-$4 at our local supermarket, and the cans of soda around the same price.

4. Games – The boys will play a little touch football in the backyard if the weather is nice, otherwise they will probably play it in the basement or on the XBox.

5. Breakfast for the next morning – We will have cereal and maybe donuts for the next morning.

Good thing boys are easy to please! And a big bonus, I can reuse all my decorations on Sunday for the big game! 🙂



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