Removing Wax from Carpet



A few months back my dear sweet daughter knocked over the wax warmer and spilled bright red wax on our light tan carpet. I almost cried. Then, my mom told me to try a paper bag and an iron. PERFECT!!!

Here is how I removed it!

1. Find your iron and a brown paper sack or two.

2. Warm your iron to a low setting (I did a 2-3 on mine).

3. Open your bag and cut it into small sections, big enough to cover the wax stain.

4. Lay your iron on the paper bag, as shown here, hold it for a few seconds (about 10-15), and then move to a clean spot on your bag and repeat. Continue this until all of the wax is removed.

I wish I had taken photos of my removal process, but I didn’t, so I borrowed a photo from google… please forgive me.

Good luck!!!


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