The real deal!

Aleah and I had a long talk about being authentic and decided this month would be about “keepin’ it real”. Sometimes though, reality is uuuuugly. Let me start off with a few truths. #1 I love snow days. #2 I love snow. #3 I love my kiddos. The reality is that snow days are great…when you actually get to sleep in. Also, snow is great…when there’s enough to play in and you don’t have to drive anywhere. Finally, I do love my kiddos…but my patience is running thin when the baby won’t take a nap, the older girls are either fighting or wrecking the joint, and daddy came home early, with a headache. Sometimes reality sucks, my friends. But as I sit here writing, Team Umizoomi in the background (because the will to change it has left me), daddy has babygirl (yes, she’s still up), and my glass of wine is still sitting in the fridge (probably watered down because I put ice in it), I’m reminded that it could be worse. We are healthy, we have heat, we have food, and we have a home. School is cancelled again tomorrow and my new reality is that the alarms have been turned off. *does a happy dance* Tomorrow we’ll sleep in a little, have some eggs and toast, and maybe watch a movie. It’s a brand new day and tomorrow I can be a happier, brand new me. But for now, I’ll be sipping my wine and enjoying the peace and quiet that only the end of a long day can bring. Just keepin’ it real ;).  ♡Moe♡


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