Budget Friendly Dates with your Spouse, Friends, or Kids


We all want to have time with the people we love, but we all want it to be budget-friendly also!! We have spent some time trying to come up with the best budget friendly date ideas for you and your spouse, friends, and/or kids. Check them out and let us know what you think!


“Your life will not go unnoticed because I will notice it. Your life will not go un-witnessed because I will be your witness.” ~ Shall We Dance

$ – Netflix or Redbox with take-out or a meal at home. Ask a friend or family member to keep your kids for a few hours, while you pop in or stream your favorite movie, series, or tv show, curl up under a blanket with your hubby/wife, and enjoy not being interrupted by screaming minions.

*Tip – dress your kids in their jammies, so when they come home the bedtime routine is already done.

* If you don’t have anyone who can babysit for you, pop some popcorn for your kids, build them a blanket fort in their bedroom, and get them settled in with their own movie!

$$ – Get a babysitter. Put away your cheerio-stained clothes and dress up in something that makes you feel sexy. If this is jeans and a hoodie, then so be it… just put on something that makes you feel your best. You want your spouse to have their eyes locked on you and you alone all night. Then, head out for dinner at your favorite spot to eat, go catch a movie, or some appetizers and drinks.


“The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love.” ~Herbert H. Humphrey Jr.

$ – Grab your bff and support a local business in your area, by going for coffee and a breakfast sandwich. Talk about everything you don’t normally get to talk about when your hubby or kids are around. This can be something that can take a few hours or all day – whatever you have time for.

$$ – If you have a little more time or money, you can go to dinner at a nice restaurant, see a movie, or even go to a concert.


“If you want your children to turn out well, spend twice as much time with them, and half as much time on them.” ~ Abigail VanBuren

$ – Go for a walk, and spend some time getting to really know your kids. Our kids love to be outside, and they love nothing more than a family walk – or a walk alone with mommy or daddy.

You can also grab a kid’s meal at your local fast-food joint. Ask them about their friends, their interests, etc.

A PB&J picnic is always fun too. A trip to the park, (if it rains the carpet is just as cozy) with a basket of sandwiches, juice boxes, and fruit snacks, is an easy way to have an inexpensive and fun date with your kiddo.

A trip to a local museum is a great way to spend time with them also. If you live in or near a city, many museums are free or low-cost – and kids love these kinds of things. If it isn’t free, consider buying a family pass – then take advantage of “free” trips all year.

$$ – Fancy-pants dinner. Dress up, get your kiddo dressed up and hit the town. Go to a nice restaurant, let him/her order a “fancy” drink (soda in a big cup or a Shirley Temple), and even order dessert.

Other fun could be to go mini-golfing (weather permitting) and maybe get a sundae after. It’s a little bit pricier, but sometimes seeing the look on your child’s face when they score a hole in one or a hole in eight ;), is so worth it.

Dates don’t have as much to do with where you go, but everything to do with the person you’re with. Take someone you love out, (or in) and find the time to just be together, to be yourself and just… be.


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