Love me some Kashi





I LOVE these things!!! Oh my gosh!

I will admit… I am a granola bar snob. For me to like a granola bar, they have to be soft and chewy and not taste like anything remotely healthy. But, I need to have granola bars in my desk at work for times when I don’t get to eat breakfast, or I need a quick-lunch or snack.

These Kashi bars are so good!! I am seriously in love with these things. They have big pieces of almonds, chunks of chocolate, and just enough salt taste to balance out the sweet.

The biggest thing I loved is that the sweet taste isn’t overwhelming. They aren’t a “chewy,” but they are still soft and delicious. AND, they have 6 grams of protein!!!! And they aren’t that high in sugar.

I would recommend that you rush out today and buy a box to try!! These will be a staple in my house from now on!!




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