Choices, choices…

If you’re like me and you love food, saying “no” to dessert might be agony for you. But it doesn’t have to be if you can make a habit out of stopping temptation BEFORE it hits you. Here are just a few tips that a food enthusiast like myself uses to try to trim those calories where I can.
♥ Eat a real meal first.
When my Monday is starting off terrible and I know there’s candy or chocolate chips stashed in the house, I try my hardest to eat breakfast before eating that entire bag of choc. chips or fifteen Starbursts. Sometimes you’re just hungry, but while stuffing your face with candy might fill you up, you’ll most likely feel more sick than full.
♥ Saying no.
This is by far one of THE hardest things to do but if you can master it, you can stick to any meal plan or diet. I have to do it with pasta and usually dessert; particularly cake. I can accomplish saying no to more pasta if I have salad or something else with it. As for the cake, (my evil nemesis) I just try to have a drink with it. I don’t know about you, but I always get full faster with a drink of water or milk on hand.
♥Treat yourself once in awhile.
The worst thing we tend to do is deny ourselves everything all the time. It’s unrealistic and the easiest way to make yourself feel like a failure when you cave. So I’ll buy myself a chocolate bar or an ice cream, or maybe some fries. Not every week, but maybe once a month. It really helps when you’re watching calories to know that a hot fudge sundae is a possibility and not just a dream.
♥Think small.
If you crave chocolate daily, but your hips hate you for it, have a mini chocolate. You’ve seen the little bags of them. Get yourself a candy jar and allow yourself one every day or every other day. A small glass of chocolate milk helps with chocolate cravings too. 
♥Healthy snacks are not impossible to have.
I grew up in the era of rice cakes. I’m not knocking anyone who loves those suckers, but they are NOT for me. 🙂 It’s amazing though how easy it is to have a healthy snack. A little vanilla yogurt with some fresh berries mixed in is yummy. You can cut up celery and carrots into little sticks and divide it up into baggies for a nice crunchy snack now and then. Also popped popcorn is nice and easy, with light salt and no butter. A little honey drizzled over some granola-the combinations and ideas are limitless. Spend the extra time to prep, so you can just grab it ready-made out of the fridge. You’re worth it. 🙂
♥Water all the way.
I am notoriously bad at drinking enough water. Occasionally, I have to remind myself that I am not a camel. Staying hydrated is so important. I notice a difference in my energy levels on the weeks when I keep up with my water intake. It’s such a small change that makes such an impact. So drink your H2O people! 🙂 
I’m sure there are a thousand more things you can do out there, but these are just a few from me to you. ♡Moe


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