Fear Will Not Control Me

Tonight, I hugged my children a little tighter, but not too tight. Tonight, I held them a little longer, but not too long. Tonight, I decided to not let fear control my life.

A community very close to ours experienced a horrific tragedy. Families have been effected by the ripples cascading through their community. Parents are rising up in anger, fear, and disgust. They are shouting threats of homeschooling and communes.

As I have waded through the endless stream of Facebook posts, detailing over and over again the gut wrenching details of the last moments of this girl’s life – and trust me they have been plenty- I have found myself not angry, but empowered.

Each tragedy like this pushes me forward and up into a newfound trust in the plan that God has for my life. Each tragedy like this pushes me to teach my children how to fight back – how to survive horrific events. Each tragedy like this reminds me to move as far from fear as I can.

Fear makes us victims. Fear makes us weak. Fear makes us perfect targets. Fear allows us to be controlled.

I refuse to allow fear to control my life. I refuse to allow fear to control the lives of my children.

I am standing now and saying, while I will be cautious and aware of the fragility of life, I will not live in fear.

I will be empowered and I will teach my children to be empowered.

I will live. Because that young girl can’t. Because my children deserve a life better than fear and over-protection. Because I am not a victim.



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