Carseat Creativity!!

Today’s thrifty little idea comes from our good friend Dena. Aleah and I both smacked our foreheads when we saw it. It was definitely that moment of, why didn’t I think of that? I think necessity and brilliance go hand in hand sometimes! 🙂 She was trying to come up with an inexpensive way for her little ones to sit at the table in a booster. She had been using portable high chairs, but the overall opinion was “too hard”. So she went in search of softer, portable high chairs. This proved to be a pricey search. So being an innovative woman (and momma), she tried a different route and looked up carseat boosters. Problem solved. They were less expensive and “just right”. As an added stroke of genius, she used the straps from the old high chairs to secure the seats to each chair. Bravo Dena! We thank you.


There you have it, friends. So next time those kiddos can’t quite reach the table, consider this as a solution. You might even keep your eyes peeled at garage sales. A little soap, and you’ve got yourself a mighty fine new seat. Happy Monday! ♡Moe♡


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  1. Dena welch says:

    Thank you. (cue graceful bow) We are still loving the solution. The girls can climb in and out now by themselves. As opposed to before, someone always had to pull out the chair and push them in and heaven forbid they drop their pencils or silverware. They like the comfort on their bottoms and using the chair seat back. We love our cool zebra seats by Harmony. 🙂 dena


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