Tuesday Tip – Dinner Prep

As a busy mom I am always looking for ways to save time, and money. I also do not like to waste food… I have become somewhat of a master at cooking just what we need and only what we need. We will occasionally have sides left over that we throw out, but usually never meat.

How do I do it? Freeze it.

When I cook meat I make extra, then I shred or cut it and freeze it for later use. I do this with roast, chicken, steak – everything I cook usually. This saves SO much time!!!! When you are ready for it, just take it out of the freezer and reheat it for whatever dish you are making (fajita’s, soup, tacos, casseroles, etc).

I also do this with pizza dough – make double, freeze half. Let it thaw, rise for about an hour, shape and prepare. Or, you can roll it out and freeze it already shaped, then just top and bake (frozen or thawed).

I promise this will be a tip that you will LOVE – especially if you are a busy person like me!!



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