Two, half-two, nothing,four.

My husband and I have moved a lot. I mean like 5 times going on 6 now. In the midst of moving hell this week, I decided to blog a little about the “joys” of moving.  Here are just a few things I’ve learned:
#1 There is never enough bubble wrap.
Today, somewhere around box 45, I wrapped all the glasses. I ran out of bubble wrap and then used all the plastic grocery bags. I’ve even used a few dishtowels. Whatever you buy for bubblewrap when you move, double it!
#2 You have to be a ninja/contortionist to move a bedframe.
You want to see a person do unimaginable things with their body? Ask them to fit a bedframe through a doorway into a tight hallway…with a corner!
#3 Heavy boxes suck!
Everytime I move, I tell myself: Monique, next time you will pack lighter. Next time comes and my back says: screw you, liar!
#4 Renting can be…interesting.
We owned one house and then had to move for Josh’s job. One market slump and a short sale later, and we’ve become renters. Basically, we’re financially capable but your credit tanks when you sell your house well below market value. Back to renting. It’s definitely an exercise in patience. I currently have a broken fence, a cracked showerhead (that was a fun discovery), and a mailbox that reads two, half-two, nothing, four, instead of 2234.  Like I said…interesting.
#5  When your husband says, “you got it?”, don’t lie!
If you knew my hubby, you would know that he’s an impatient sort of person. For this move he has decided that we will do almost all the lifting ourselves. Yep, I said “we”. For some reason, he thinks I’m stronger than I actually am. Now, I’m definitely no slouch. I can lift all sorts of heavy things. I’ve just recently realized though, that I can’t lift heavy things up over say, the top of my car, and then back down off of said car. I learned very quickly how to say, “give me sec, I don’t have it”.
#6 You’re not done, even when you think you’re done.
Picture this: you’re in your new house unpacking a box or two, and it’s starting to look like someone lives there. Then it hits you…you still have to go back to the old house and clean it up. Sigh.

Do you have any funny moving stories or tips? We’d love to hear them. Oh, and if you happen to be in my neighborhood, stop on by. Don’t forget, it’s two, half-two, nothing, four. You can’t miss it. We’re the ones with the giant gaps in the fence. 😉 ♡Moe♡


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  1. Dena welch says:

    Oh, moving is such a joyous event. The task does have so many many memorable moments, life lessons, smashed fingers, a few curse words, getting screamed at or screaming at someone you love yourself, and so many surprises. It is the kinda thing that everyone has to experience at least once or maybe six times. 🙂 On one such move i was 7/8 months pregnant in the winter and had to buy huge coveralls to fit the belly when we had to go under our new house. So here i am poised on my hands and knees looking through the scary little door under the dark house and thinking, “Boy, is it dark and there are a lot of leaves under here!” Translation….snakes and spiders maybe? When my husband two-handed shoves my behind through the opening and says, “Get a move on. It is cold out here. What are you waiting for.” I launched though that tiny square faster than any hugely pregnant woman should and I was mad as heck when i got myself righted.” Needless to say, I wasn’t happy nor a willing helper after that. Peace. Dena


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