Breaking for food.

So I wrote all about some of my moving peeves last week, and today I was thinking about little ways that I saved money eating out. (I’m using Mcd’s wi-fi since our internet and cable aren’t hooked up) We’re not really a fast food family. We don’t hate it, but it’s usually something we have as a treat or when it’s been a long day, rather than a once a week thing. Needless to say we ate out a lot this past week. And man, eating out for four can get pricey when it’s not a once- a- week thing. So I learned to lighten the price and save the budget with a few shortcuts.
#1 Skip the drink. You don’t always need to get a drink with your meal, especially if you’re bringing it back home to eat anyway. There are free drinks waiting for you :).
#2 Large fry. Grab a large fry instead of two or three small value fries. It usually costs less.
#3 Dollar menu. The dollar menu is your friend and sometimes there are healthy options on a few of them too, if you just can’t handle one more cheeseburger.
#4 Skip the kid’s meal. Unless you have kiddos that can share a kid’s meal, skip it. You don’t need another crappy cup or toy and you can get more food if you buy seperate stuff.
There you have it. I know that fast food isn’t ideal, but it’s not meant to be. It’s convenient and quick for those times when you have to get something in a pinch. It doesn’t have to cost you a fortune though. ♡Moe♡
How do you save money when you have to eat out?


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