Movie Review – Son of God


Use Grammarly for proofreading because “they’re is no way that there going to understand what your saying if their busy fixing you’re mistakes.”

I saw Son of God this weekend, and decided to review it and let you all know what I thought of this movie.

First, let’s get an understanding of what the movie is about. Jesus. This movie is about the life of Jesus – who he was, what he did, how he was treated, and how he treated others.

The movie starts with a HUGE discrepancy right off the bat when we see Jesus being born, and the wise men are sitting next to a newborn Jesus. This is not accurate. The wise men didn’t actually get to Jesus until he was a toddler – almost 2 years old.

Jesus was no longer in the manger but in a house. — Matthew 2:11

Herod ordered the deaths of all those under the age of two years. — Matthew 2:16

The second verse shows that Jesus was older than a newborn, but younger than two years old, because this is why Herod ordered children under two to be killed.

Next, my main problem with this movie was how Jesus was depicted in general. Several scenes showed Jesus riding donkeys – Cleopatra style, while the disciples walked beside him. I’m sure this happened, but not in the way that the movie made it feel – almost as if Jesus was too good to walk, so he rode the donkey while his lowly disciples walked beside him.

They also showed several scenes where Jesus was walking through a crowd, and the townspeople were flocking to him like fan girls! Jesus put on his bright shining smile, and became a politician – shaking hands, kissing babies – okay they didn’t actually show him kissing babies, but you get the idea. I didn’t like this, because Jesus was humble. He wasn’t an attention hog, and he certainly wasn’t Brad Pitt – several Bible verses reference Jesus’ plain appearance. Here is a great link to a composite sketch of what Jesus would look like based on Biblical references.

Now, I will say that Diogo Morgado who played Jesus in this movie was amazing. This man deserves an award. His portrayal of the crucifixion was so incredible, that I could almost forgive the rest of the movie. I’m not kidding when I say this part of the movie brought me to my knees. I was sobbing like a baby – as was everyone else in the theater. And, let’s talk about Roma Downey for a minute – if anyone was ever MADE for the role of Mary, mother of Jesus, it was THIS woman.

The last 45 minutes – except the very last 15 minutes – of the movie made the entire movie worth it. I could have done without all the rest.

Here at House of Helton, we have a very special way of ranking books, movies, and other things. Here is our rating scale.

House of Helton Rating Scale

1 – Daryl Dixon got eaten by a zombie

2 – My kid just barfed on my new Daryl Dixon poster

3 -Norman Reedus (a.k.a Daryl Dixon) just favorited my tweet

4 -I got Tickets to the Talking Dead, and Daryl Dixon is on the panel

5 – Daryl Dixon is sitting next to me… on a plane

On this scale I would give this movie 3 Daryl Dixon’s. It had its moments, but overall it was just blah.

Have you seen this movie? Let us know your thoughts here!



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