Hats Off to Dena!

House of Helton friends, you are in for a treat!! We’re throwing a new mom into our crazy mix. Her name is Dena Welch. She’s the mother of 5 (yes, I said 5) kiddos! 🙂 Son O (16), daughter W (13 in a week!!), daughter S (7), daughter A (4), and baby R (18 months). Now she is clearly outnumbered here, friends. And if it isn’t incredible enough for you that she gave birth to five people, let me tell you that she also educates all of them. I’ve heard about her lesson plans and she even seems to have charts for her charts. With five different levels of learning, I can only assume planning can be a nightmare sometimes.  Also, with so many different ages and attitudes (haha) in one place, she needs to get creative sometimes to save her sanity.

Dena has graciously allowed us to adopt her wonderfully creative, inexpensive, and sometimes life-saver ideas. We will be pulling these ideas from her FB posts and they may or may not include pictures (with her permission of course). It could be a quick pic and sentence about something she’s repurposed,  or even just little ideas for learning or day-to-day life that you may not have thought of yet. Whatever she comes up with, we’re excited. Dena has even expressed being interested in maybe writing a few of her own stories as a parent/teacher when time allows. Aleah and I couldn’t be more happy to have her on board with us! Welcome to House of Helton Dena!! ♡ Moe


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