Clean Out Your Mouth! #cleanthis

Good Morning HOH friends! Okay, here’s the deal. I swear…like a sailor. If I stub my toe in the moment I’m likely to say, “Shit!” or some such expletive. If my kids are around I try to catch myself. So that “Shit!” may turn into a “Sonofascalawag! Man that hurt!!!” or “Shamalamabama” or any made-up nonsense that saves me from dropping a really bad word. I’m not perfect. I slip up. But this time, I have a two-year old parrot reminding me that I’ve slipped up one too many times recently. Nothing says you have a problem, like hearing “Aww dammit!” from the back seat. I thought to myself, oh no, no no no, she’s not saying that, aww man, she is. I’m pretty sure you can visualize the face palm for yourself.

Daddy is pretty good at curbing his language (though he’s known to drop more than a few bombs himself) around the girls. I remind him now and then to watch it because of the little ears. Clearly though, it’s momma bear who needs to watch it. :/ So since this is our month of cleaning things up, I decided I needed a “Don’t Swear” jar. But my jar has a twist. Instead of paying money to it, (because who has that much cash or change on hand these days) I put chores that I loathe in it. The chores I put in the jar are the ones I save for the very last-minute of the very last day to do them. If I swear, I pull out a chore to do immediately. I hope to not open the jar very often, but this way I can be accountable AND make the house nicer too. Wish me luck! ♡Moe♡


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