Salt Me, Baby!


I am in the process of making over my kitchen with an old world Moroccan theme… (meaning I am thinking of and pinning all the ideas I love until I have the money I need).

Yesterday, my wheels got to spinning and I decided I needed “old world” salt and pepper shakers for my table. Now, I had no idea what I was going to use to accomplish this until I almost dropped a pint sized mason jar on my tile floor.

Then it hit me… A MASON JAR! But, how? I ran through all the ideas of how to make this functional – a spoon/scoop to dip out the desired amount… then I remembered I have a salt loving 7 year old. So, I grabbed my trusty hammer and nails and hammered some holes into the seal… like this…


This is the finished product, and I love it!!!


I will keep posting all my renovations as they happen!!! What’s your favorite renovation tip/idea?


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  1. Dena says:

    Ooooh, i like this. I must do this too. Dw


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