Spring is in the air… or is it?

We live in the Midwest. That means when we transition seasons it’s as if Mother Nature is having some kind of psychotic melt down.

So, I decided to help the transition along by making the inside of my house as ready for Spring/Easter as I was able to.

And what a better way to do that than with GLITTER!!!! Aaaahhhh! I love glitter. If I could have glitter in my skin, I would.

Check out these awesome Easter eggs I made for my dining table centerpiece.


Here are the instructions to make your very own!!

STEP 1: Modge Podge and plastic eggs.


You can buy modge podge at any store that sells craft supplies. Modge Podge is essentially a glue that dries clear. Its wonderful – but remember it is water soluble, so it will wash off when wet.

Coat your plastic eggs in modge podge… be generous.

STEP 2: Glitter!!!!



Roll your eggs in glitter, or sprinkle it on. I used both methods and they each cover just as well as the other. It’s just a personal preference.

STEP 3: Let it dry


I sat mine on wax paper to dry. It will take a few hours, so plan to have something else to do while you wait.

Step 4: Seal it!

I didn’t get a picture of this process, but your next step would be to take these outside and spray them with a clear spray paint. I left them on the wax paper so they get evenly coated, and sprayed away.

This step is important, because without it, your glitter will flake off.

That’s it!! So easy!! Put them together and display them in a pretty bowl! As you can see above, I also sprayed a glass coffee bottle to use as a flower vase.



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