Mom’s Night Out Review

Moe and I were given the chance to attend the premier of Mom’s Night Out a few weeks ago from MomSelect… we jumped at the opportunity!! This movie is opening on Mother’s Day weekend – and we will both tell you GO SEE IT!!

This movie was about a mommy blogger who is having a difficult time keeping her wits about herself in the midst of being a busy mommy. The main character, feeling as though she is losing herself in her daily life, decides to arrange a night out with her friends – one of whom is a pastor’s wife. What ensues is a hilarious account of three moms trying to find a moment of peace and fun, while worrying about their husbands who are home alone with the kids, dealing with a missing vehicle, a missing baby, a tattooed biker, jail, and a high speed chase.

There is such a sweet message lying beneath the hilarity in this movie, and even a moment where Trace Adkins’ rough and tumble biker character speaks of God not creating mistakes… and challenges the mother to see herself as God see’s her. We both walked away feeling both challenged as moms, and relieved that someone finally put a voice to what we are feeling on an almost daily basis. The characters interact in a way that makes them seem real and easy to relate to. We laughed, we cried, and we haven’t stopped talking about the movie since we saw it almost a month ago.

Oh, and to top it all off – MomSelect gave us each an awesome gift card from Papa Murpheys Pizza, so our families were able to eat while we were out enjoying ourselves.

So, grab your friends, your mom, your sister, any woman that you know, and GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!! You WILL NOT be disappointed! I promise!!!



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