Soup Can Desk Organizer


I stole this idea from a co-worker… but had to share. I loved it so much!!

It is really easy. Clean 3 soup cans of the same size. Plug in your trusty hot glue gun, and while it’s warming up, use your cans to mark the length of paper you will need.

To do this, line your can up at the top of the paper edge, mark the paper at the bottom with a pencil, move to the middle of the page and repeat, then at the opposite edge. Using a straight edge (or ruler) make a straight line connecting all of your marks. Then cut.

Run a small bead of glue down one side of the can from top to bottom, where your paper will start. Place edge of cut paper on glue line. Continue wrapping around can and glueing down (I ran a bead around the top and bottom edges of the can).

Repeat on your other two cans with coordinating paper. When all cans are wrapped you can glue ribbon around the tops of each to hide the paper edge – I didn’t do this.

Glue two cans together using a strip of hot glue. Place 3rd can in the triangular shape and note where glue will be placed. Run a bead of glue down the two can where they will touch the third.

Wrap ribbon around the middle and hot glue down (reference above photo).


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