Labels! Who knew?!

So, a while back the hubster bought us a label maker. I thought, what the heck do we need that for? Needless to say, I assumed we’d never use it and it would take up a little more space in the junk drawer; or the cyclone I call my desk. But it turns out that a label maker is just what we needed to help organize our playroom at the time. So I made some labels. Labels for drawers, labels for boxes, labels for containers- I got label crazy! 🙂 Finally the cars had a container, the dinosaurs had a drawer, and those multiplying ponies were labeled and put away. Today’s tip is a two-part deal. Labels are not only great for organizing, but they’re also great for when you have guests over. You can stick labels on drawers and on cabinets to let your guests know where silverware, cups, and plates go. It’s really helpful if a guest is home without you and wants something from the kitchen. This simple, considerate step will really let your guests feel like they’re at home in your house. Here’s a few pics of our labeled stuff:





Do you like labels? Do you use them in your home? What are some of the things you label?



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