The One-eyed, Green Monster

My 2 year old loves Mike Wazowski from Monsters University. She calls him Michael and it’s hillarious. So, I was sitting here trying to think up something to make for her that would look a little like Mike, and also be easy. Here’s what I came up with and what I used to make it:



I used the bottom of one of those soft, felt bunny stickers that you get in the sticker kits on Easter and drew teeth in pen onto it.


Then I cut out the little teeth.


Next, I glued on the eye with tacky glue.


After that, I ripped off the backing of the sticker and stuck on the teeth.


Then I drew the eyelid and smile in with marker. And there you have it – a step- by-step guide to making your very own, one-eyed, little green monster.


Update: The stupid eyeball fell off! I suggest a stronger glue haha.  Here’s what I did instead, because I don’t have a stronger glue on hand (okay, so maybe I can’t find my crazy glue).Anyway, I just drew an eyeball on. She loves it!


What’s your kid’s favorite character?



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