Hook Me Up!

Contact hooks and door hooks are a renter’s dream!! No stupid nail holes to patch up, and no stud finders required. Just a hook, a wall or door, and a dream.  The entryway from my garage into the kitchen has lots of hooks for lots of things.


Hooks for our keys.


Hooks for my purse, bags, or coats.


I even have hooks for aprons and lunchbags.


I never lose my keys or purse anymore. I  never trip over lunchbags left on the floor anymore either. If you’re like me and tend to set hangable things down and forget where you left them, maybe hooks are for you. When you’re trying to keep to a schedule, keys are pretty essential :). Now, the only time I lose them is when my husband takes my car. I go to leave and this is how it goes: I yell across the house. “HONEY?” “Yeah?” “Where are my keys?” “Did you check the hook?” I run my hand over my face and look at the ceiling. “Yes, and they’re not here.” “Well, I don’t know then.” “But babe, you took MY car, remember, so where did you put them when you came in?” “On the bed?” He says this while sitting on said bed, and no, he hasn’t checked as he’s saying this. I sigh and walk to the bedroom. I check the bed, because no, he still hasn’t.  No keys. “What about the counter or your closet?” I ask. “I don’t know.” Now he gets up to help in the search for my keys. I check the counters and his closet. No keys. Now I’m running late, but I’m determined to find the damn keys. “I’ve got them.” I hear from the bedroom again. “Where were they?” “With my jeans from when I changed.” Oh yes, I say to myself. Why didn’t I think to check there…duh! (Sadly, my inner sarcasm doesn’t help me one bit when this happens) Then I say what I always say when he’s lost them: “Sweetie, please, please hang them on the hook. That’s why it’s there, so this doesn’t happen.” “Okay, okay.” Sigh…the lesson of this post, put a hook on your husband, er, wall. Haha They’re very useful, I swear.


Do you use contact hooks for anything? We’d love to here your ideas. 🙂


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