Let’s be honest…

There is this growing trend among parents to spill the beans about Santa, the Easter Bunny, and such. Parents who support this craze are jumping on board and claiming that not being honest with your kids about these things creates distrust, and teaches your kids to lie. One parent stated on social media, “This is so much easier!!! I don’t have to lie about the Tooth Fairy. I can just give my kid money, and if I forget, I just fess up.”

I want to yell, “WHAT ABOUT CHILDHOOD INNOCENCE?” Let’s be honest, almost everyone I know grew up thinking that Santa and the Easter Bunny were real… and none of us have turned into lying psychopaths… well, almost none of us. Taking the approach above makes me wonder if these parents are just too lazy to keep up with it. Part of the fun of childhood is waiting anxiously in your bed, trying your hardest to go to sleep so Santa can come. Or waking up to find your tooth magically gone and money in it’s place.

Maybe it’s selfish of me, but I want my kids to have that. I want my kids to stay innocent. I will never forget the day my son heard from a friend at school that Santa wasn’t real. He was crushed. He wasn’t ready to hear that, he still needed some of that magic… and I wanted him to have it. We live in a world where children are so frequently stripped of their innocence, that we should be fighting to protect those things.

People say that teaching kids about Santa takes the focus off of Jesus for the holidays… to that I say BULL!!!! My kids have believed in Santa, and they KNOW without a doubt that in our house we celebrate Christmas to celebrate the birth of Jesus (even though this isn’t the actual time Jesus was born… but that’s another topic for another day). They also know the history of St. Nicholas, and how he became the face of Christmas. My kids have believed in the Easter Bunny, and they KNOW without a doubt that in our house we celebrate Easter to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus.

I have no problem with people raising their kids how they want… but if you believe that your kids should know the truth about all these holiday figures, please for the love of God, make sure they know to be respectful and not ruin it for the rest of the kids who do believe in these things. And, for crying out loud… don’t condemn another parent for their choice to let their children have this rite of passage. Don’t shame another parent into telling their child the truth before they, or the child, are ready.

I want my kids to stay innocent and childlike for as long as possible… I didn’t get that luxury as a child in many areas of my life, and I want that for my kids.

What are your thoughts? Tell them the truth, or wait until they ask and figure it out on their own?



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