Mommy burn-out

Today was a hard day for me. I woke up in a bad mood because the house was messy and smelled bad. I’m talking nasty. So, right away I was in a funk.

I had planned to write up this nice recipe for today, and well, it didn’t happen. Instead, I went to work grouchy and feeling defeated before my day began.

Then this happened.


Donuts at work. SCORE!

Then this happened.


A beautiful clay pot from my son for Mother’s Day. Double score!!

Sometimes it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the small things and forget about the important things… like free donuts at work!!! Kidding… kind of…
I love my husband and kids with an overwhelming passion, but there are days that I long for peace and quiet. And someone else to say, “Here I will clean up the dinner dishes, you relax.”

Listen to me, friends… women/mommies want you to notice. We need you to say “you look pretty/hot/etc!!” We need you to say, “wow, you are busy, let me do that.” We want you to say, “You are enough.” (And mean it.)

I am a person who takes care of everyone else around me… and then if I have enough time I will take care of myself. There isn’t usually enough time.
So, I am left feeling burnt out, tired, and most importantly, like it’s never enough. And sometimes, I just need someone to take care of me… mostly, because I don’t know how to ask for that.

So in the spirit of Mother’s Day, tell your woman she is enough. Tell her to relax and let you take care of the stress.

And women, ask for help. Tell someone else “I can’t do it all.”

How do you keep from sweating the small stuff and keep your eyes focused on what really matters?



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