Night sweats just aren’t pretty and they don’t smell nice either.

If you are a woman in your mid 30’s and beyond, you probably know the horror of a night sweat. That lovely biological change that comes from a hormone drop and all of a sudden we sweat when we sleep.

This came as a big surprise to me. I never was a sweat-er. Unless it was the hottest day ever and I was running and over dressed. Then, yeah, I would sweat; but otherwise, I have always been sort of a cold human woman.

So the earlier years of sleeping with extra pillows on the bed, a sheet, blanket, and a fluffy-ass duvet are gone. Your husband is probably clapping his hands and screaming, “Hell yeah” about now cause you’ve smoked his butt all these years but now instead of wanting you cuddled up next to him he might be saying,

“Why is your side of the bed so wet?

Did you pee yourself?”

“Jeez, your nightgown is soaking wet.”

and you mutter, “No S-word Sherlock” as you get out of bed in the total darkness of night to change your clothes or tear that wet nightie off of your head and onto the floor and climb back into bed bare skinned and he says, “Oh Boy, now you’re talking.”

Except….the sweat smells different on every woman. Since I never was a “sweat-er” I was NOT prepared for the MUSKY smell that came from this new development. I use the word musky as a nicety because really it is more akin to sleeping with a female skunk.

Or maybe your new smell is pleasant like roses, or delightful perfume, or freshly powdered baby butt, BUT I kinda doubt it. You probably smell skunky just like me.

So the bed dressing got a redesign. Sheets and a thin embroidered quilt is now how our lovely bed looks. Needless to say, my husband thinks it is better, except he doesn’t like the sheet tucked into the bottom and I like the bed straight as a pin and I slide in and out with freshly tugged tight sheets.

Next, is clothing. Some ladies solve the problem by sleeping nude. I can’t do that cause kids might see me naked and I will dent their poor little brains.

Some still opt for a night-gown but a shorty variety is the ticket, because there is nothing worse than a night hot flash; and you feel completely tangled up in fabric and a major panic attack ensues as you leap out of the bed like Spiderman trying to unravel yourself from webbing gone wrong.

Me, personally, I opted for men’s boxer shorts. They fit looser than ladies boxers. I can ditch my girlie panties so my lady parts have an opportunity to get some ventilation.

So that covers the bottom half. So what to do for the top half?

Tiny T’s was the solution for me. Now, my after-children-body isn’t where I want it to be yet so all my friends know I wouldn’t be caught dead in a tiny t-shirt in town but for bedtime it is the ticket. It fits snugly which supports my boobs without strangling the girls like a bra. The shirts are small and light weight so it keeps me from being too over heated or getting tangled up in fabric.

But here’s the ticket. Don’t get cute when buying them cause you are going to buy, Oh say, maybe 10. Buy them all in one color so at the end of that lovely hormone-ragged week they will all go into the wash together and, yippee, you are good to go.

Why 10 or 12 you ask? Well, if you gotta change 2 or 3 times per night you want to have plenty. I lay 2 or 3 onto the dresser and when I leap up, soaked and stinky, I whip off one and jerk on another one. If I am really awake I go to the bathroom and hang the wet one on the towel bar and it will dry and be ready for another wearing. The shirt doesn’t seem so stinky after it dries.

If you are night sweating each month at regular intervals that coincide with your cycle…

You are Not weird. You are Not alone.

But you ARE wet and smelly and the hormones changes are here to stay.

So give your bed a makeover.

IMG_2749 I bought my shirts in black and gray and I think I have 3 of each. I bought 2 packages of boxers in blacks and blues. It works out well for me but when I replace them I will be buying shirts in all one color, probably gray because gray cotton tends to be soft and easy to wash, and I will be buying 10. 🙂

Think about changing your night clothes for ultimate comfort and convenience.

And whisper really really sweetly to your man about installing a ceiling fan, hopefully right over the bed, with a remote control.

It helps. It helps A LOT.




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  1. dena says:

    notes from me to you. dw


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