The Real Hunger Games

I know that you’ve probably read all kinds of blogs about dieting and stuff, but I solemnly promise to talk about my healthy diet stuff without being a big, judgy dorkface. Let me start somewhere in the beginning. The conversation went along these lines: “I need to exercise again, will you do it with me?” “Sure.” Now, you don’t know my husband, so you wouldn’t realize that one small word could mean a huge change. He dug out our exercise cd’s and the diet challenge that came with it. It was like quitting food cold turkey (minus the turkey). Suddenly, those oreos in the cabinet were looking like they’d become tiny, cream-filled memories. Challenge accepted, we cut our calories and drank at least 8 cups  of water a day. Day 1, don’t even talk to someone doing a food detox. They are outside their mind and hungry. Seriously, step back or you may be bitten. Day 2, you’re still hungry with a side of headache. Day 3, you want to cut off your head to stop the headache and then possibly eat it…wait, that won’t work. Day 4 is where you figure out if you can keep going. By day 4, my headache cleared, like a fog being lifted. You realize you have 10 more days and then you can up your calories. Then you tell yourself, I can do this!!

Exercising is hard to do with no motivation and while you’re eating less food, it seems like you’re climbing Mt. Everest. You’re not. Exercise being tough just reminds you that you needed a change. If you’re dying on a short walk and don’t have asthma, chances are you’re unhealthy. It gets easier as you do more of it. Having the will to do more is the hardest part. When I’m having a tough day getting going, I just do one 10-minute workout. Plus I don’t workout everyday. It’s unrealistic for me and I find I do better when I have a day in between. When I have an energetic week, I do more. It’s all a balance.

The food is the hardest part for me, but it’s getting better. I eat healthy, but I don’t freak out about calories. I worry more about a ton of sugar and fat. When I go out, I still eat things I like, I just eat less. I personally hate the weight watchers or light meals at restaurants. They are usually very bland. I don’t know when healthy became synonymous with flavorless.  So I just get something I like and pair it with one healthy thing and eat less of it. Portion servings at restaurants are scaled for two and a half people, I swear! So I take two pieces, not five, of my sweet-battered chicken and eat a salad and water with it. I’m still happy and full in a good way.


This was my breakfast this morning. It’s about 260 calories if you need to be technical about it. But for me, it’s a healthy start to my day. I swear to you since I started eating these, I don’t want egg Mcmuffins anymore.  I’m pretty sure I heard a gasp out there and an accusatory, “how could you, Moe?!”, but I’m serious. I’m pretty honest about this stuff. I miss bread a little, but I don’t miss being sluggish all the time. Plus, I still eat bread I like, just not every day or 4 times a week. I have it occasionally. There will be days when I crave junk food and fast food, but because I’ve changed the way I eat, it’s worked so well that if I eat junk, my body gets mad at me.

We garden now as a whole family. We eat better than we ever have. Our kids eat meals that have minced veggies snuck in all the time. What started as a way for me to trim some fat, turned into a healthy change for our whole family. I want to be around for as long as I can. I want my husband to be around too. And you know what else, I’m not so hungry anymore.



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