Weeding Out Wednesday’s

There’s a mogwai in your garden!

Let me introduce myself. I’m Del. I am covered with tattoos and have a face that my older brother describes as that of a serial killer.


I don’t see it, but those things aside, I am also an absolute garden geek. Mrs. Helton asked if I would like to share my gardening experience. I suspect it’s because she knows I’m a little off and could use the distraction to keep me from burning ants with a magnifying glass, plus I sleep with one of the other contributors. It never hurts to have the inside track I guess. Anywho, I am a total amateur at this, but I have a tendency to geek out on my hobbies and I’m am a voracious reader. The processes of how things work always fascinates me more than the actual end product, but in gardening I can eat the end product so I’m in all around.

A couple months ago, my wife and I overhauled our diet of high-octane crap and upped the veggie intake. I decided that I’d put in a few rows of the green stuff at our new house. Well, those few rows transformed into a 30 by 25 foot plot and about ten different plant types. Now it has morphed into multiple raised beds, a result of sub-par soil here, and a garage that is now more like the garden center at Lowes than something made for parking cars. I have close to fifty different seeds in our library and that grows every time I find myself in a store that sells them. You could call it an addiction.

Dragon tongue, Tangerine dream peppers, Ruby red chard, pumpkins, squash, it goes on and on. And this is all from a guy that doesn’t love veggies, but I love growing them. It’s also incentive. I want to try all the things that we labor to bring to the table. On my quest to not be round, I will consume the harvest and honestly, it tastes better when you grew it from a seed yourself.

So here we go, I’ll be posting here and there about the processes I use, tips and tricks for simplifying what can be a disheartening ordeal, and generally just running my mouth about how much I am enjoying growing.


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  1. dena says:

    awesome voice added. 🙂 picture is kinda scary. Next time show your handsome side. dw


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