So Smoothie-licious!

I have to tell you, when my oldest kiddo brought three, yes three, cookbooks home from the library, my inner mom voice screamed in horror. It’s not like I don’t like to make things with the kids, or that I don’t like baking, but she wanted to try recipes herself. Now, this seems like an innocent request, if you have a normal daughter. I have the daughter who trips on air, who cut her finger, with a butter knife, while slicing an apple… in an upwards motion. So you can imagine what the thought of a meal where heat would be involved, was doing to my nerves. I told her we could do three recipes over the course of one week (why torture myself continuously all at once, right?), but she couldn’t constantly bug me about when. She picked one drink, one meal, and one dessert. A smoothie is what she picked for her drink. I admit this wasn’t such a big deal, except that I sold our blender. No matter, we have a food processor. So we rounded up the ingredients.


I learned that she picked an easy smoothie and that they’re great because you just dump it all in and mix. The hallelujahs were ringing loud and clear at the thought of an easy clean-up.



She wanted to put it in fancy glasses, but I surprised her by going a step further and taught her how to rim a wine glass with sugar. She was so excited.


The final product was a little too tart for me, but I think with a little tweaking, we can get it to be slightly sweeter. It tasted like something from Orange Julius. Not bad for a first try! 🙂



It was definitely a fun experience for her and for me too. If you want to try making some fancy smoothies, here’s the recipe we used:

o 1&1/2 cups orange juice
o 1 banana, sliced
o 1 cup frozen strawberries
o 1 cup frozen raspberries
o 1/2 tsp. vanilla extract
optional: fresh strawberries or raspberries for a garnish, or you can make a sugar rim if you’d like

What’s your favorite smoothie?



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