Provision – Faithful Friday

Matthew 6:26 (NIV)

26 Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?


I love this verse in the Bible. The last few weeks (or really months) have been difficult for our family. Financial strain has hit us hard – as it has everyone else in the country. We have been scrimping and saving, and scrimping and saving, and still we are stretched beyond our limit most weeks.

Last week we were presented with an opportunity for a job change. This seemed like an answer to prayer… until I started really thinking about the pros and cons. Long story short, we decided that this job wasn’t the answer to prayer that we thought it was, and we set our minds on making due with what we had. Within minutes of making that decision, God opened the flood gates and we were blessed in ways we couldn’t imagine. It wasn’t a magic, fix-all for our finances, but it was something. It was enough to show me that God does have my back. From the small ways I see things working out each week (a free meal with family) to the big picture things that he is working out all along the way.

This verse, as I said, is one of my favorites. It reminds me that God takes care of those things/people he loves. And, that regardless of how insignificant we feel, we are significant to God.

As a mom I have plenty of insignificant moments – moments where I wonder if what I am doing and who I am really matter to anyone. Our pastor gave a great sermon this week on this topic, and said that if we are getting our significance, our worth, or our value, from anyone outside of God, we are going to be constantly disappointed. People will always let us down. It is human nature. No human can give you everything that you need.

I am taking a journey this year of learning to depend on God – learning to not depend on people. Not to say I don’t look to my husband for support and strength, but to say that I know if I truly need inner strength, he will not be the person to provide it. I am learning to allow God to work in my life – to let him have control… it works out better when he does.

Are you struggling with your value or worth? What are you finding that works to give you that boost that you need?


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