Mommy Workout – Tipsy Tuesday

Every mom knows that working out with kids can be difficult. I have had to become very creative with workouts. When my kids were young I would do the “baby-barbell” thing – all moms know what I’m talking about. This is where you lay on the floor, on your back, and you lift baby in the air; playing some silly game with kisses each time they are lowered to your face. When you do this exercise you pray for no spit up… Eww. Just ewww.

Over the years a favorite in our house has become the kid leg lift. Here are a couple of pic of this in action.



This one busts out some arm and leg flab quickly…especially if your weight is close to 60 pounds like mine!!! To do this one, have your kiddo wrap their legs around your feet and lift them into the air, holding their shoulders so they don’t slip or fall. Hold your kiddo in the air for about 20 seconds (longer and it starts to hurt their legs), let them down for about 10 seconds, then repeat.

Do about 10 reps a night and you will feel the burn!!

What is your favorite kid incorporating workout move??



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Our favorites are the ones we see creative parents make up with their kids. Personally, I like the Piggy Giggle: bicep curls where your kid’s goal is not to laugh during each tummy raspberry. Looking forward to trying the Leg Lifts!


    1. Oh great idea!! Thanks!!


    2. Great tip!!! I can’t wait to try this one!! Thanks for the comment!


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