Criss-cross Applesauce

Okay you got me, this post has nothing to do with applesauce or sitting with your legs crossed. This is a very quick post with a very quick tip. If you know this trick, this post is not for you ;). See this?


I’ve made peanut butter cookies before, but I could never get the criss-cross right. I’d always get just the criss, or just the cross, or really just a dented pile of cookie. I’d given up on getting it right. Then one day, one of my best friends said, “my dad always said to dip the fork in water first”. I was like really? That’s so simple though. Then I thought about it. Oil from the pb and water on the fork! Oil and water don’t mix so it doesn’t stick…genius!! I don’t know if I’m right, but it makes sense to me haha. So cross those crisses and enjoy!!



What’s YOUR favorite cookie trick?


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