The Incredible Edible Egg Indeed

I really like having an egg in the morning for breakfast, but sometimes I’m a lazy butt and I just don’t feel like dealing with cooking it on the stove. So last week I googled over easy eggs in the microwave and tried it out. It worked!!! I couldn’t believe it. I sprayed my bowl with some Pam, cracked the egg into the bowl, pulled the plastic wrap tight over the top, and 40 seconds later I had a yummy over medium egg. The sweet spot on my microwave is actually 36 seconds for it to be perfect, but a 4 second adjustment only helps me eat faster!! Bonus!!





If I hadn’t taken pictures, I never would have believed it!! Try it when you get the chance and if you like it, you’ll always have a quick way to have an egg in the morning. Enjoy!


What’s your favorite breakfast food?


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