Tipsy Tuesday – Water Infusion

My life has been changed! Although this has a lot to do with my recently watching Dallas Buyers Club (for real, y’all… this movie is amazing!), it has mostly to do with my recent purchase of a Ball Water Infuser.

A few weeks ago, I looked at myself in the mirror and after a near nervous breakdown, and forcefully restraining myself from gouging my own eyes out, I made a vow to get healthy and lose a few of these pounds that have crept on. My goals drink more water, eat less crap, exercise more. So, I went on a mission to find an infusion water bottle.

Um… those bitches are expensive!!! So, I gave up and decided to get some mason jars to can homemade jelly. Enter Ball Water Infuser.


At $4.97 it was nearly half the price of the other infuser bottles. I already have a couple of mason jars at home that I use for drinking. So, I snatched this thing up!! It fits on a wide mouth mason jar. It will leak if turned upside down, which is the only downfall I have found… but I don’t turn it upside down, so I’m good. I have used it for the last two days and it’s amazing!!! I have had so much water! I have only used strawberries as of yet, but I am stopping at the store today to grab some lemons, limes, and other berries.

Guys this thing is amazing!! Rush out and buy one now! 🙂

Next Goal: Eat Less Crap and Exercise. Check in Friday to see what my diet and exercise plan is going to be for the next few months.



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