A Letter to My Daughter

My sweet girl. I wish I could impart to you the wisdom that would carry you through your life and spare you from pain and heartache. I wish I could, but I can’t, however, I can give you a few words to hopefully help along the way.

  1. Love. Simply love. Be kind. Love people for all that they are, and in spite of all that they are. Learn to simply love people.
  2. Be Humble. Allow yourself to understand that you didn’t to where you are without the help of others. No matter who you become, or what you accomplish, you have had help along the way. Be humble. Acknowledge those who have helped you.
  3. Allow your heart to be broken. Is the ashes of a broken heart comes new life. Allow yourself to be broken. Without a broken heart you are unable to fully develop empathy… this is something you need in your life.
  4. Be strong. Know that you were created by a God who is greater than all mankind. Be strong in who he has created you to be. Don’t dumb yourself down for friends, or a man. If they can’t accept you as the strong and fearless woman you are, they don’t deserve to be in your life.
  5. Stand up for what you hold dear. Whatever your beliefs are. Whatever your cause becomes. Stand up for it. Stand strong, loud, and unapologetically firm. Don’t let the world and the loud mouths around you water down what you stand for.
  6. Watch out for Mean Girls. No matter your age, your location, or your status… mean girls are there. They start as mean little girls in school, and they grow into mean women. These are the women who try to tear you down. They offer empty friendships, empty promises, and judgement. Run from these women. Run as far as you can. Love them from afar… do not let these women control the woman you become. They hide in sheep’s clothing and pretend to be your friend, until a better offer comes along.
  7. Build true friendships. Watch movies like Steel Magnolias, Sex in the City (but not until you are much older), Beaches, Thelma and Louise, and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Revel in the poor acting in some, but cherish the strong friendships that play throughout these movies. Look for women like that. Look for women who will stand beside you in your brightest, and in your darkest moments. Look for friendships that can exist in chaos and in quiet. This is the true test of a friendship.
  8. Value Family. Family is where your roots are. Your family creates the person you become. Hold onto that.
  9. Love yourself. Above all else. Love yourself. There will be days when no one else will love you. You will have days when you are beaten down, ripped to shreds, and hurt to the core… in those moments, your ability to love yourself will be the only thing that gets you through. You must love yourself enough to stay strong when others don’t love you.
  10. Keep your free spirit. Don’t let other people take your zest for life. Don’t let them harden your heart and turn you into a cynic. Stay free, stay innocent, stay positive. The world has enough negativity, you do not need to be drawn into that. Let your light shine above it all.
  11. Dream. Dream big… as big as you can, and never let someone tell you your dreams are silly or unattainable. You have the ability to do and be anything. Do it.

Always remember that when the world knocks you down, I will be here standing with open arms to love you when you don’t have the strength to love yourself. I am your momma, your biggest fan, your safe place. Take the world by storm. You were born to be something great! I love you.




If you could tell your kids one thing about life, what would it be?




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