A Sea of Love

I can’t  perfectly describe the feeling of being at a rock concert. The closest I can come to helping you understand what it’s like, is that jolt you get when you touch something electrical, it feels… alive. Last Sunday, I felt charged up. Each song had its own feeling to it. I watched people make rock hands, watched them throw their fists up into the air, watched them sing word for word like they were right on that stage and part of the band, and it was amazing!!! And I was right there with them in the middle of it all; halfway from the stage and halfway from the lawn. Everywhere I turned there were people singing their hearts out, pouring love out into the atmosphere. During one song my heart skipped a beat. “Let’s turn these lights down” they said. “I wantcha to hold those phones and those lighters up and let me see ’em!” they cried. And we did! We held our hands and our phones and our hearts and voices up and it all drifted together and it was magical. I looked around and it looked like the stars in the sky had come down to hang out on the ground and rock out! We sang our favorite songs together, shouted until our voices gave out, screamed until we were breathless, and whistled till our fingers hurt. WE ROCKED…and it was love, a sea of love!!!



What is your favorite concert memory?


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