Mommy Guilt

My work sent me on a business trip this week to an Educational Office Professionals Conference. Y’all, we stayed at a resort… on the lake. With a lake view room and a balcony. And a shower that had two shower heads.





Nice, right?

I am normally a planner. I like to pack 5 days in advance, so I remember everything. This trip was different.

Here’s a fun little fact about me… I’m a perfectionist… With a small case of OCD. I like things to be done right. Which means that if I don’t have the time to do it right, I don’t do it.

So, this time around, in-between my crazy-mad week – I forgot to plan. I woke up Sunday morning, threw some clothes into a bag, and off I went.

About 20 minutes into my drive, that old familiar pang hit. Mommy guilt. That ever growing guilt over feeling a small sense of relief at having a small chance to get a break from life. This feeling stayed throughout the entire day yesterday… Threatening to disrupt my possible peace.


As I sat on the balcony last night after a day of brain-strain, listening to the music from across the cove, I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. It was an unseasonably cool night.

Mommy guilt grabbed tight.

What is it about women, that makes us think that we don’t deserve a moment of peace? A moment for ourselves.

It took about 10 minutes before I felt it start to subside, and I relaxed into my chair, letting the music overtake me.

I finally found enough zen to be relaxed, and made my way into bed.

Oh, and I forgot to pack pajamas. (This is what happens when I don’t plan and pack in advance.) Lucky for my friend (and bed sharing partner), we hit a target to buy some appropriate sleepwear.

How do you overcome parent guilt?



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