The Simple Life


It’s been a few days since any of us have posted. Moe and Josh are on vacation, Dena is dealing with illnesses, and I’m just busy, and tired.

This last few weeks have been ones of epic proportion -family fights, company visiting, babysitting kids, and worrying about money… Among other things. All this crap can make anyone long for a simpler life.

This week, I’ve been dreaming of what it would be like on a compound in the middle of nowhere. Get myself some chickens, grow some veggies, maybe raise some cattle to eat. Then I remember that I have a black thumb and I have never liked raising animals of any kind.

Last night though, I walked into my bathroom, and saw my daughter’s toys lines up along the edge of the tub. She then sashayed through the room in a scarf she had fashioned into a dress, and proclaimed herself “Queen of Awesome”. And it hit me…

I have a simple life, I just choose to clog it up with technology, and drama, and worry, and stress.

So, I decided to give myself a break from all that. I want to set boundaries on my social media/technology usage, and give the other crap to God.

Won’t you join me?



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