Vacay, You Cray Cray!

Okay, admittedly, I don’t ever say things like “vacay” or “cray, cray”, but it fits for how insane vacation can get for us sometimes. That being said, I’m laughing a little at the title of this post, because this vacation, while it IS starting to get crazy, is tame compared to vacations of the past. Usually, right around day 6 or 7 (coincidentally that was yesterday) I start itching to go home. Staying with family has its ups and downs. On one hand, there’s always someone around to watch your kids. On the other hand, whether or not they’re clean or alive when you get home is questionable. Haha. Also, there are only so many days you can go before someone gets on your nerves and you remember why you moved away from home to begin with. We tend to deal with vacation in stages.

Stage one: This is the excitement stage. Everyone oohs and ahhs because you’re finally home. There are hugs and kisses and how have you beens,… yada, yada, yada.

Stage two: This is the “settled in” stage. The newness has worn off. You’ve been in town for a few days and now everyone is used to you being around again.

Stage three: I call this the “I miss my bed” stage. It can also be called the “man I wanna go home, what was I thinking, maybe they won’t notice if I sneak out, I need a drink” stage.

Stage four: This is the “I’m ready to go” stage. Everyone involved is secretly excited that you’re leaving and that things can get back to normal.

We’ve come a looong way from our first vacation. We’ve got it down to a science now, and luckily, the kids are still alive! 😉


Do you have any vacation pet peeves?


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