Scalloped Mashed Potatoes

Hello there my blog-lovin’ peeps! Sorry I didn’t post yesterday. I had no internet for the majority of the last two days on the road and it was spotty at best in our hotel. But now I’m back home and my wi-fi is going strong. So, here is my recipe idea for today: scalloped mashed potatoes!! While this beautiful idea came to me in a burst of potato imagination, I’m not arrogant enough to think noone has made these babies  before. I CAN say that I didn’t look up what to put in them. That was all me (okay, and maybe my hubby too). Let me tell you how it started. I was making Salisbury Steak ( and I really wanted scalloped potatoes again, but didn’t have time. Then I turned to my hubby and said, “why can’t we just make mashed potatoes and mix in all the things we used for the scalloped potatoes?”  He agreed. So I excitedly got out all the ingredients. I only have a pic of the ingredients this time. I’ll edit this post the next time I make them and upload a picture of potato heaven.


Here’s your ingredient list:

  •   Boiled potatoes (I did skins on)
  •   Cream (I suggest taking your cream out maybe fifteen minutes before mixing)
  •   Butter (butter should be room temp too)
  •   Mozzarella cheese ( cheese will melt easily as you mix it into the hot potatoes)
  •   Onion powder
  •   Garlic salt
  •   Pepper

I didn’t put any amounts because you really should make them to your taste, annnnnd because I didn’t measure it. You got me! I just eyeballed, then mixed and tasted, adjusting from there. Okay, so maybe I did more than taste them, but once you make them and try them for yourself, you won’t blame me for my lack of restraint. These are some tasty taters!! Enjoy!!


What’s your favorite way to serve potatoes?


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