…and a white picket fence.

When I was a little girl, I think I had fantasies of a dream mansion. I can’t remember what it looked like, but I would bet that it probably had a white picket fence. I think most little girls fall in love with pretty things in their dreams. At that time, I think I wanted a mansion for my whole family to live in together with me and my husband. Later on though, I was more focused on my husband than a mansion I’d probably never obtain. He would be nice to me and he wouldn’t drink all the time. That was it. That was my whole criteria. Basically, he would be my friend and I’d be able to trust him.

Ironically, the house that I’m renting right now has a big, white picket fence surrounding it. But my dreams have changed. I don’t need pretty things. The things that I love, my children, my husband, and my pup, are beyond the fence inside my home. Yep, I have a home. I may rent this house, and there may only be plain paint on the walls, but if you step inside you know right away that my beautiful family lives here.

My new dream house has a wrap-around porch, so friends and family can all sit around and chat together. It has a porch swing, so on late, lazy summer nights my hubby and I can sit and swing and share our thoughts together. It has a big yard for my kids to run and play and maybe a fire pit for smores at night. It has horseshoe pits in the backyard and hammocks in the trees to lounge in. My new dream house will just enhance the dream I’m already living, a life full of my sweet, little family, full of good friends who I can sit around and just laugh with, and most of all… full of love. Guess I don’t need the white picket fence after all. 🙂


What does your dream house look like?


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