You Want Maple Brown…Aw, Man

My youngest daughter loves maple brown sugar instant oatmeal. One day, I tried to be nice and got her boxes of strawberry and blueberry oatmeal as well. It was an oatmeal exttravaganza! It all went well until she asked for blueberry oatmeal. I made the little package, adding the milk, but something was wrong. I didn’t see the little blueberries! I quickly grabbed the blue box and read it. Original? Original!!!! Noooooo!! Now I had to think fast. What do I have on hand that I can save breakfast with? Then it hit me, maple brown sugar! I quickly grabbed the brown sugar out of the cabinet and crossed my fingers for syrup. It’s always hit or miss whether we have plenty or none…(sigh) syrup woes. I was in luck, it was a syrup surplus day!! So I scooped up everything and a little vanilla too, and proceeded to make some maple brown sugar oatmeal.


I used 3 baby spoonfuls (that red spoon in the pic) of brown sugar, a 1/2 tsp. to a tsp. of vanilla (depending on if I fill the little cap or not haha) and just a small circle of syrup. Okay, I know that last one isn’t a measurement, but it’s what I did. I just squeezed out the syrup and drew a little circle in the middle of the bowl. There you have it, maple brown sugar in a pinch.


Have you ever made a food mistake and then saved the day making something completely different?


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