Ice Ice Baby!

I had this whole post I was going to do about the ALS ice challenge. I was going to talk about the haters and the do-gooders and all that jazz. But you know what, I’ve decided to just give you one fact today. Fact: As of today, according to the ALSA website ( the ALS association has raised $88.5 million dollars in donations compared to $2.6 million at this same time period last year. An $86 million dollar increase, just from a silly challenge to dump ice over your head!! Keep it coming! Let’s make history together and help find the cure! Long after the ice challenge dies out, I hope that people continue to be aware of how our loved ones are being taken from us too soon from diseases that don’t have a cure. We can be a part of the change. Donate to ALS and any cause that you feel near and dear to. Change starts with all of us. So if anyone challenges you to pour a bucket of ice over your head, or cold spaghetti, or whatever, do it. If something silly can make people more aware, I’ll dump a million buckets over my head. Don’t wait to make great things happen; be the change yourself.

What are some causes that are dear to your heart?


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