A Friend in Need

Last night, I had to cancel plans with friends to go play bingo for a charity event, because I was sick. My bff surprised me with a necklace that she won. I was so surprised by this gift! It also made me realize something.

I am not good at this friendship thing.

I struggle with friendship on so many levels. Mostly, I don’t like to get close to people. I have a lot of acquaintances, but I allow very few people to get close enough to know the real me. I also take very little time to get to really know people.

I have two friends who just amaze me at their ability to know the details of other’s lives. These two women also expect very much from their friends, because they expect so much of themselves and are so willing to give so much of themselves. I often find myself looking at these two women and finding myself in awe, and simultaneously feeling terrible about my own ability to be a friend.

I want to be a better friend. I want to remember all the little details that people tell me, so that I can think to ask about them later. I want to be selfless like my two wonderful friends. I want to be a better friend… plain and simple.

What do you do to make your friends feel better or more loved?



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